Tableau DataFest: Bringing Virtual Tableau Connections In-Person

DataFest reconnected the Tableau Community in-person, and showcased the magic of the global DataFam.

Tableau DataFest took the magic of Tableau Conference (TC) on the road and connected our global DataFam community, customers, prospects, partners and colleagues. The Tableau DataFest events drew together key sessions from TC with bespoke demos and deep dives from local customers and partners. Amongst this group were Tableau Community members who spoke in 16 different cities on how the DataFam has impacted their data journeys and accelerated their Tableau learning. These DataFest events also acted as a catalyst for Tableau User Group meetups to take place—hosting events in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Sydney, and London. Hear what the global Tableau Community is saying about the future of community from their DataFest 2022 experience. 

We’ve missed being in-person with the DataFam

The Community has remained lively and active the last few years through virtual connections—but there was a special energy during DataFest 2022 with the excitement of meeting virtual DataFam members in-person. During the events, Community speakers also shared their Tableau journeys and how utilizing Community connections can help up-skill and grow your career.

Tableau Ambassadors, Thi Ho and Swagat Kumar Jena attending DataFest Singapore

Vani Agarwal, Tableau Ambassador, who was part of Delhi DataFest said, “Meeting so many like-minded people under one roof who share a similar passion was amazing. The knowledge sharing and feeling of being part of a community was just a surreal experience”. 

Tableau User Groups have historically always been the place to make connections so having the opportunity to host in-person Tableau User Group meetups during DataFest signaled this would be the first of many more opportunities to connect. 

Community members at Delhi Tableau User Group.

Digital connections are here to stay

Through social media and Tableau User Group meetups, the DataFam had the opportunity to have more of a global reach, connecting with data lovers around the world. While more Tableau User Groups are opening up in-person, virtual options will still be available. Some User Group meetups will have options to attend both virtually and have on-demand viewing. 

Although being in-person has its perks, digital creates more inclusive ways to get involved with the Community. “There are lots of ways to get involved. You can go to the Tableau Public website and sign up,” Tableau Visionary, Sarah Bartlett says. Alternatively, a search on the Twitter and LinkedIn social media platforms for #DataFam will lead you to the Tableau Community, which Moderna Principal, Data Visualization and Enablement leader Adam Mico describes as the “bat-signal” for data experts.

Sarah Bartlett, Tableau Ambassador, and Visionary speaking at Salesforce World Tour & DataFest London

Whether you thrive meeting the Community in person or choose to interact virtually, there are multiple ways to make full use of the Community to help you on your Tableau journey. DataFest was only the beginning, and an indication that the DataFam is back in full force. 

Explore the many ways to get involved with the Tableau Community—matched to you and your goals: