Launching the First Iron Viz: Europe!

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Are you our first Iron Viz Europe champion? Yes, we are launching a European chapter of the world's premiere visualisation competition! New to Iron Viz? Jewel Loree - former Iron Viz host - describes it as:

"Iron Viz is the ultimate battle of Tableau skills. Three challengers are selected based on contests held through Tableau Public. The challengers will face off head-to-head in a 20-minute viz battle in front of a live audience at the Tableau Conference."

Iron Viz 2016
You can see the last Iron Viz at last year's TC16 here (note you will have to register to the TC live stream to watch this)

We want you to use any data about anything European you find interesting. And when we say anything European we mean anything: from the French election, to the Premier League; from how much rain London gets, to EU employment rates - as long as it's about Europe it's fair game. The authors with the best three vizzes will win a free trip to the 2017 Tableau Conference on Tour London, UK to compete in the Iron Viz: Europe championship!

Need some viz-inspiration? Check out these great vizzes from the community. Still want more inspiration? Sign up here to join our webinar where previous Iron Viz winners share their tips and tricks.

Filippo Mastroianni looks at the Italian governments of the past 50 years.
DataForceBerlin sees how gasoline prices vary in Berlin.

Not sure where to find some European data? Here are some sources that the Tableau Public team loves right now:

Submit your vizzes by 1 May. We'll announce the winners on 8 May. May the best vizzes win!

Iron Viz: Europe is now open for entrants from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden or the United Kingdom.

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