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Prominence Epic-Tableau Integration

Workflow-driven actionable analytics from Prominence and Tableau

Embed any Tableau dashboard, securely, within Epic Hyperspace

Healthcare organizations today have more data than ever before. However, the majority of that data resides in disparate data sources or databases that are too large to comprehend. This leads to challenges in effectively distributing data to the consumer in their workflow, and even greater challenges in attempting to govern the data that’s used.

Prominence solves these challenges by embedding Tableau dashboards – which can contain data from any source – directly within Epic Hyperspace, in a secure and governed manner. This enables:

  • Clinicians to launch patient care activities directly from the embedded dashboard
  • ‘In the workflow’ analytics that save provider time and eliminate barriers to access
  • Improved provider satisfaction by eliminating the friction around obtaining data needed to care for patients
  • Improved care delivery and consistency because everyone is viewing and acting on the same governed data
  • Delivery of data to anyone – now you can distribute the exact same data to consumers within Epic and to consumers outside of Epic
  • How long does it take to get all of this live? Fewer than 20 days. Contact Prominence today to get started on your journey to delivering actionable and governable analytics in the workflow.