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How to Become a Tableau Ambassador

We select new Tableau Ambassadors annually. Interested in learning more? This page has all the details.

Characteristics of Tableau Ambassadors

What it means to be a Tableau Ambassador

What we expect of Ambassadors

Tableau Ambassadors serve a one-year term in one of the six program branches. Each branch has distinct functions outlined on the Ambassador program age, but we ask that all Ambassadors lead and support the community by sharing, learning, and amplifying connection. You need to welcome new members, nurturing creative and technical growth, and respect the program by upholding the Community Code of Conduct.


What you can expect from us

As a Tableau Ambassador, you’ll have access to Tableau teams to collaborate and learn, with unique perks for each branch. Ambassadors get free access to Tableau software and eLearning resources, and have the option for custom swag and invitations for private events. And because we’re honored by your participation, you’ll be recognized on the Tableau Ambassadors webpage and on Tableau’s social channels.

Tableau Community Code of Conduct

The Tableau community is dedicated to providing a harassment-free environment both at in person events and in online spaces, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, or age. We do not tolerate hateful, abusive, unlawful or offensive content or harassment in any form.


Other ways to connect with the Tableau Community

Tableau Ambassador Program

Learn about the different program branches and how they nurture an inclusive, supportive space. Become an Ambassador or nominate someone to help move the community forward.

Tableau Equity Task Force

Bringing together a diverse and influential set of community members, the Tableau Community Equity Task Force focuses on addressing equality, equity, and race issues within the Tableau Community.

Community Blog

Discover the latest work from the Tableau Community by reading about engaging projects, upcoming events, fun programs, inspiring visualizations, and more.