Additional Tableau Connectors now available through the Tableau Exchange

Tableau now offers partner-built data connectors through the Tableau Exchange. Learn more about these new connector extensions and the Tableau Developer program.

Editor's Note: the Tableau Extension Gallery is now Tableau Exchange.

For years, Tableau has been on a mission to help people see and understand data. Now, continuing our mission as part of the Salesforce family, we’re excited to help you use data to get a 360-degree view of your customers. However, it’s difficult to analyze and understand data unless you’re able to easily access it—no matter where it lives. That’s why we’re proud to announce the addition of seven new connectors with Tableau 2020.3—now available through the Tableau Exchange.

We’ve teamed up with Elastic, Yellowbrick, Dremio, SQream, Actian, Qubole, and Ocient to provide you with a seamless connection experience to all of these databases. Once installed, these connectors will look, feel, and perform as if they are a native Tableau connector. All you have to do is select the connector of your choice from the Connectors tab of the Tableau Exchange and follow the installation instructions.

Trust is our number one value

For this launch, we’ve taken a page out of the Salesforce playbook, and made trust our number one value. To uphold our commitment to building trust, we send every connector through a stringent quality and security review process. If you ever have an issue with a connector, you can visit the support link on the product detail page, or submit feedback about the connector through our feedback button.

The long-term impact on the Tableau Exchange

Launched in July 2018, the Tableau Exchange began with our flagship extension type—Dashboard Extensions. Adding connectors marks an important milestone in the development of the Tableau Exchange, and for Tableau as a platform. To better support customers on their analytics journey, we’re providing a central location to find trusted solutions beyond our Dashboard Extensions that help them do more with their data.

With this platform and strategy, Tableau plans to continually add new listings to our Dashboard Extensions and Connectors, in addition to new Tableau extension types that will help people solve the problems that are important to their business. We’re excited to broaden the value that Tableau can offer by leveraging our incredible ecosystem of developers and partners who share our enthusiasm for helping people solve meaningful problems using data.

Check out the Tableau Exchange to get started. Or to learn more, read about connector extensions in Help.

Calling partners and developers!

If you’re a database vendor or dashboard extension developer who wants your customers to have the best analytics experience and to easily discover your solution, reach out to us at We’re happy to take you through the process and get your solution vetted by our internal team for publication.

The mission of the Developer Platform team is to make Tableaus APIs and SDKs accessible to all developers and partners who want to customize the Tableau platform. Whether you’re a partner looking to build an integration, a customer who needs a custom solution for a custom setup, or just an enthusiast building something for fun, we want to make it easy for you to build on the Tableau platform. If you’re new to the developer community, check out the Tableau Developer Program to get started with a free Tableau Online site, plus access to our SDKs and APIs.