Celebrating Tableau Public Vizzes and Creators at TC23

Tableau Public is one of the best ways to quickly connect with the DataFam and this really comes to life at Tableau Conference.

Tableau Public is one of the best ways to quickly connect with the Tableau Community. It's a central hub for sharing knowledge and inspiration, showcasing your work, and exploring what others have created. By publishing visualizations on Tableau Public, you can engage with a broader audience, receive feedback, and gain recognition for your work.

Tableau Public enables collaboration and learning with the global DataFam with drag-and-drop ease. Users can explore other author’s visualizations, find inspiration, and learn new techniques. The Tableau Community actively shares tips, tricks, and tutorials through blogs, forums, social media, and Tableau Public is an integral part of this knowledge sharing. This really comes to life each time that we meet in person for Tableau Conference.

DataFam at TC23

The Tableau Community at TC23

Interesting and inspiring vizzes on display at TC23

Each year, the Tableau Public Team handpicks a collection of data visualizations to print and display at Tableau Conference.

This year the Tableau Public Viz Gallery at Tableau Conference 2023 was located in the heart of it all–smack dab in the center of Data Village.

Tableau Public Viz Gallery at TC23

Tableau Public data visualization on display in Data Village at TC23

The onsite installation included three large digital displays to help visitors learn more about the vizzes and authors, with a special spotlight on Iron Viz and Community Projects

Explore the TC23 Tableau Public Viz Gallery and follow these amazing authors.

Paul Ross
Queensland, Australia
Nirosh Perera
England, United Kingdom
Brittany Rosenau
 Florida, United States
Jessica Moon
Alabama, United States
Nicole Mark
Florida, Unites States
Chimdi Nwosu
British Columbia, Canada
Norbert Borbás
Munich, Germany 
Tristan Guillevin
Dennis Kao
 Ontario, Canada
Joti Gautam
Maharashtra, India

Alice McKnight
Georgia, United States 
Tanya Lomskaya
Nicosia, Cyprus
Philly Tay
Lucia Stefanuto

Zsofia Nika
Budapest, Hungary
Kevin Wee
Illinois, United States
Lorna Brown
United Kingdom

Tableau Community Leaders on Stage

Several Tableau Public authors led sessions at TC23. Check out a few below and watch YouTube for more upcoming recordings.

Kevin Flerlage speaking at TC23.

Kevin Flerlage presenting "How to Do Cool Stuff in Tableau" at TC23

How to Do Cool Stuff in Tableau
With over 12 years of combined experience and 500+ published dashboards, identical twins and long-time Visionaries Ken Flerlage and Kevin Flerlage help you take your dashboard design to the next level.
Watch now 

Using Empathy to Drive User Experience
Tableau Visionaries Priya Padham and Irene Diomi share how you can boost your project success and add value to your decision-making process by incorporating empathy in your dashboard development process.
Watch now

Tableau Speed Tips 
Get a new round of Tableau tips, shortcuts, and best practices designed for beginner to intermediate users. Take your skills to the next level and leave feeling more confident in your abilities with Sam Batchelor and Heidi Kalbe
Watch now

The Vizzies celebrate the DataFam at TC23

Organized by Tableau Community leaders Emily Kund and Matt Francis, The Vizzies recognize and celebrate outstanding members of the Tableau Community across 15 different categories.

For the community, by the community—all nominations come from the Tableau Community. Current or Hall of Fame Tableau Visionaries are not eligible, as are either of the hosts and organizers.

Before we get into who won, let's recognize all the incredible Community members who were nominated for a Vizzies Awards this year! You are all winners in our eyes.

The Vizzies at TC23 in Las Vegas on May 11, 2023.

And the Vizzies go to...

Congratulations to all the Vizzie recipients and to each and every person nominated. You make the Tableau Community exactly what it is—a group of kind, curious people who learn from each other, share their knowledge, and cheer each other on at each step along the way. Keep doing what you do, DataFam. It's magic.

Keep on growing

Speaking of magic, did you know some of these data magicians are open to work? It's true. Tableau Public enables authors to add a "Hire Me" button to their profile, and the Tableau Public Authors available for hire viz now makes it possible for hiring managers to find them and connect more easily.

Tableau Public Authors available for hireWhether you're looking to hire or be hired, give it a try by promoting your data skills on Tableau Public, and consider joining us in person next year at TC24 in San Diego!