Featured Authors: Celebrating 3M Profiles on Tableau Public

We’re excited to introduce the new cohort of Featured Authors who are part of the more 3 million profiles and 7 million vizzes on Tableau Public. Get to learn more about them and explore their notable portfolios.

I am thrilled to introduce a new cohort of Featured Authors. Each of them has delighted us with their unique contributions to Tableau Public's ever-growing collection of over 7 million vizzes. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn more about them and explore their notable portfolios.

Today, we celebrate not only these remarkable individuals but also the incredible milestone of surpassing 3 million Tableau Public accounts in 2023. This achievement signifies the remarkable growth of a vibrant data visualization focused community—a place of knowledge, sharing, and collaboration that continuously inspires and empowers the DataFam. Join us in amplifying these authors and their work, as Tableau Public and the DataFam continue to fuel our passion for data-driven storytelling around the globe.


Ben Norland Tableau Public

Ben Norland

Ben is an analytics lead who has been using Tableau since 2020 to build data tools that help business leaders make better-informed decisions. Ben uses Tableau Public to get creative with new viz ideas, designs and techniques, and loves interacting with and drawing inspiration from the Datafam. He often vizzes about sports and movies or TV shows, and enjoys contributing to community-led project #SportsVizSunday. He received his first Viz of the Day earlier this year. Connect with Ben on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Candice Che

Candice Che

Candice is a finance data viz lead at Woolworths Group, where she creates data visualizations that empower business stakeholders in the dynamic retail industry. She finds Tableau Public to be the place where she can create artwork through data vizzes and her favorite part is that everyone can share their unique perspectives. She aims to create a project that merges her interests of gaming and East Asian cultures with her Procreate artwork, participate in Iron Viz, and speak at Tableau Conference. Connect with Candice on Twitter or LinkedIn

Devipriya Prabhakar

Devipriya is a lead software developer at SPRINGML, specialized in Salesforce CRM Analytics. With a passion for data visualization, she loves encapsulating complex designs. Her #MakeoverMonday, #WorkoutWednesday and Back 2 Viz Basics (#B2VB) entries showcase her simplistic and minimalistic approach. Tableau Public has been instrumental in her career growth and took her from being a Visualization Expert to a Data Analyst. She attributes her skills to the support and love of the DataFam. Connect with Devipriya on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ian Cedric

Ian Cedric Io

Ian is a Tableau Student Ambassador who is pursuing business analytics at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He started vizzing on Tableau Public in 2022 and has participated in community-led challenges like #VizForSocialGood and #EduVizzers. He is constantly sharing his vizzes and providing feedback to members who are new to Tableau Public and credits the DataFam for his development in Tableau. Connect with Cedric on Twitter or LinkedIn

Joris van den Berg

Joris van den Berg

Joris is a Tableau consultant at The Information Lab based in the Netherlands, and a NLTUG co-leader. He started his Tableau journey over 6 years ago and was known as the ‘Tableau Wizard’ by his colleagues. He creates dashboards for internal and external use within his company, and for fun. Joris loves vizzing about sports, creating unique designs for his dashboards, and browsing Tableau Public daily for inspiration. With a GIS background, Joris integrates maps in his vizzes and hopes to share his spatial data knowledge with the Tableau Community. Connect with Joris on Twitter, LinkedIn, or read one of his blogs.


Mehras Abdoli

Mehras is a data scientist at Houston ISD, leading the district's transition from static reports to interactive Tableau dashboards. He has been on Tableau Public since May 2022 and sees the platform as a virtual museum where highly talented artists blend art and science and showcase their masterpieces. At his workspace, Tableau Public enables data sharing, trust-building, and data-driven decision-making. Mehras actively participates in community-led projects to sharpen his skills and enhance his portfolio, co-leads #EduVizzers, and shares his knowledge with the Datafam. Connect with Mehras On Twitter or LinkedIn


Mohit Maheshwari

Mohit Maheshwari 

Mohit is an analytics intern at Acadia and a Tableau Student Ambassador. His Tableau journey started in 2021. He strives to expand his knowledge, actively contribute to the field of data analytics, and engage with the vibrant Datafam. One of Mohit's passions is creating business dashboards and community-led project Real World Fake Data (#RWFD) allows him to showcase his skills and creativity and leverage Tableau's powerful features to deliver impactful visualizations. Tableau Public fuels his imagination and lets him find inspiration for his dashboard designs. Connect with Mohit on Twitter or LinkedIn


Rushil Chhibber

Rushil Chhibber

Rushil is a data insights officer at NABERS. Tableau allows him to transform large datasets into data visualizations and provide meaningful insights for various stakeholders at work. A passionate about sustainability and climate change who started using Tableau Public in 2018 and was amazed at how users can visualize complex data  in a quickly and visually stunning way. Being highly engaged with the DataFam and participating in diverse community-led projects including #TheSDGVizProject allows him to develop skills in data analysis, prepping, visualization, and learn from experts and like-minded people. His viz on Australian temperature anomaly was selected as Viz of the Day. Connect with Rushil on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Serena Purslow


Serena Purslow

Serena is a consultant at The Information Lab. Her participation in Tableau Community challenges like #MakeoverMonday and #WorkoutWednesday quickly improved her Tableau knowledge and skills. The Tableau Public Community inspired her passion for design and data visualization became her new creative outlet. She enjoys combining Tableau with tools such as Figma, leveraging design to provide deeper insights, and creating visually engaging vizzes. Serena enjoys visualizing business dashboards and data related to gender inequality. Tableau allows her to tell a story with data and engage with audiences from different backgrounds. Connect with Serena on Twitter.


shreya Arya

Shreya Arya

Shreya is a Tableau/Alteryx consultant at The Information Lab UK, and a member of The Data School’s DS39 cohort. Her Tableau journey started in September 2022. She loves to explore fun data sets and blend her creativity and storytelling with her data visualization designs on Tableau Public, and share her designs and ideas with the Community. She regularly participates in community-led projects such as #MakeoverMonday and #B2VB—of which two of her entries were featured as Viz of the Day. The support and kindness of the Datafam has inspired and motivated her to try her best and to continually learn, grow and improve. Connect with Shreya on Twitter or LinkedIn - or check out her blogs



Tanya Lomskaya

Tanya was a journalist and editor in Moscow for over seven years and transitioned to freelance due to the Russia-Ukraine war. She excels at working with statistics and uncovering hidden stories in larga data sets. She started using Tableau Public in October 2022 and fell in love with data visualization. She's participated in community-led projects, her #DiversityInData entry was a Viz of the Day, and she was featured in the Tableau Public Viz Gallery. Tanya finds the #DataFam to be the most powerful part of Tableau. The various community projects with a positive competition spirit, and a supportive community made Tableau the perfect platform to start a data visualization journey, transforming the learning process into a fun adventure. Authors who are able to communicate a complicated concept with a single chart inspire her the most. Connect with Tanya on Twitter or LinkedIn.



Toludoyin Shopein

Toludoyin a data scientist passionate about creating and analyzing business and socio-economic dashboards. Inspired by Zainab Ayodimeji's Tableau Public profile, she began her Tableau journey in 2022. She participates in community projects like #MakeoverMonday, #RWFD, and #WorkoutWednesday, and her Viz RWFD | Call Center was featured in DataFam Roundup. She loves to create interactive and insightful vizzes influenced by the Datafam. Connect with Toludoyin on Twitter or  LinkedIn. 



YusukeNakanishi is a data analyst and data engineer at a telecommunications company in Osaka, Japan. He started using Tableau five years ago. Tableau Public is the place where he can explore the impressive work of other authors, showcase his #MakeoverMonday and #WorkoutWednesday vizzes, and share projects from Japanese community events. He hosts a weekly Twitter Space named Viz-Talk (#Vizトーク), where he and his peers discuss a variety of topics related to data analysis centered around Tableau including outstanding vizzes mainly from Japan and share tips with the community. Connect with Yusuke on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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