Sales Analytics

Tableau empowers sales teams to grow revenue predictably. From exceeding sales targets to strengthening customer relationships with AI-driven insights embedded in the sales workflow, Tableau helps sales teams spend more time selling and less time trying to understand their customers and their business.

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Empower sellers with actionable insights

Build trust and close bigger deals, faster with actionable customer insights in context.

Drive predictable revenue with data

Adjust forecast and de-risk pipeline to hit your targets even when customer demands change.

Understand business health in a single view

Connect data from anywhere to deliver insights and facilitate collaboration across revenue-generating teams.

Sales Analytics Strategy Whitepaper

Learn how sales organizations can build competitive advantage and plan for the future by leveraging a powerful modern business intelligence and analytics platform to build actionable insights, quickly and consistently.

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Contextual insights for fast action

Jump start analysis with Tableau Accelerators

Get expert-built dashboards to address sales specific business needs with Accelerators on the Tableau Exchange.

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Salesforce Accelerators

Try Tableau Cloud to get up-and-running quickly with pre-built dashboards that show your account tracking, quarterly results, top accounts, opportunity overview, opportunity tracking, and marketing leads.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Dashboard Starters

Seamlessly access your LinkedIn Sales Navigator usage data in Tableau and uncover insights that will drive your sales effectiveness and maximize productivity. Pre-built dashboards include insights on InMail Engagement, Social Selling Index, Targeted Search, and Product Utilization.

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