Building blocks of a modern analytics platform

Data is more vital today than ever before. As businesses evolve to keep pace with shifting industries, they must rely on increasing amounts of accurate and timely data to make fast, smart decisions.

To create a data-driven culture for today’s digital era, organizations must invest in new ways of delivering information, including the people required to lead the charge. This parallel cultural shift is a fundamental change in the relationship between IT and the business; they are two partners working to collect and mine data, but also to refine it and deliver the right information on demand. It’s when IT and business work together that organizations can turn the pipe dream of a self-service analytics culture into a reality.

This whitepaper will explore the building blocks that comprise a modern analytics platform the business and IT can use—together—to deliver data, value, and decisions for the whole company. This includes the new, shiny tools of today as well as the traditional tools that have been the foundation for business intelligence for decades.

We will show how each building block fits into the larger process of turning data into insight, whether it’s the tools you need to capture and report on data, or new technologies to share interactive insights. We’ll also discuss how Tableau can be both a foundation for a modern analytics platform and a catalyst for creating a new data-driven analytics culture.

We’ll dive into:

  • The three data challenges facing organizations today
  • The building blocks of a modern analytics platform
  • Tying it all together

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