Ending Homelessness




Homelessness is a complex problem, but it’s one that can be solved. Tableau Foundation invests in solutions to homelessness that use data to keep individuals at the center of the effort, and ensure that every piece of the system designed to support them is working together. We believe that homelessness is one of the most pervasive manifestations of racism in our society, and is critical to solve in a lasting manner.

What we do


Prove End homelessness

Create reliable, trustworthy sources of information about homelessness that both advocates and the public can access to inform themselves and solutions.

Trustworthy information homelessness

Support our partners to develop and innovate on data-informed approaches to ending homelessness and fostering more collaboration across the homeless services sector.

Data informed homelessness

Prove that homelessness can be ended by creating a lasting end to homelessness in cities of all shapes and sizes.


Recent Highlights

Community Solutions, a Tableau partner, receives $100M grant from MacArthur Foundation

This prestigious grant will enable Community Solutions to deepen its effective-data driven solution to homelessness across the country.

This California city just ended chronic homelessness

How Bakersfield, California was able to use data to house its entire homeless population—and keep them housed during COVID-19.

Why the data on homelessness and COVID-19 is a call to action for leaders

The pandemic is showing that solving homelessness is a public health and equity imperative—and data driven solutions are necessary.

Learn who we work with

In our Living Annual Report, you can see all of our partnerships toward the goal of ending homelessness.

Our Living Annual Report shows the work we’ve done so far and shares what we’ve learned along the way. As the work grows and changes, this report will change with it.

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