Where will the next great data visualization come from?

The Iron Viz qualifier contest is closing in less than a week. With a theme of Data + Joy the possibilities are nearly endless, but only until the contest ends on July 2, 2021. If you're still deciding on your entry or trying to make your viz the best it can be, we've compiled several resources to assist you.

Sometimes when looking towards the future, it helps to look back at the past. With that in mind a recent Tableau User Group met to discuss lessons learned from past Iron Viz related events. Watch this discussion with Tableau Ambassador and Iron Viz 2020 winner Christian Felix alongside Iron Quest founder and Zen Master Sarah Bartlett as they share their personal experiences and tips and tricks to help you succeed in this year's contest.

If Data Could Talk: A walk down memory lane with Tableau Public

Don’t miss this opportunity to enter the contest for a chance to win some fantastic prizes and show off your data visualization skills and creativity—submit your entry by July 2nd, 2021.