Google BigQuery & Tableau: Best Practices

Pierce Young , Product Manager, Tableau
Vaidy Krishnan, Senior Product Manager, Tableau
Riley Maris, Partner Marketing Manager
Babu Prasad Elumalai, Solutions Engineer, Google
Seth Hollyman, Technical Program Manager, Google
Tino Tereshko, Enterprise Solutions Engineer, Google
Mike Graboski, Solutions Engineer, Google

Tableau and Google BigQuery allow people to analyze massive amounts of data and get answers fast using an easy-to-use, visual interface. Using the tools together, you can:

  • Put the power of Google BigQuery into the hands of everyday users for fast, interactive analysis.
  • Analyze billions of rows in seconds using visual analysis tools without writing a single line of code and with zero server-side management.
  • Create stunning dashboards in minutes that connect to your Google BigQuery data and keep your organization up to speed.
  • Share reports and insights on the web using Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud to allow anyone to connect from any device.
  • Combine the cloud agility of Google BigQuery with the blazing speed of Tableau to recognize project value faster.

Best practices and optimizations for using BigQuery and Tableau

Optimizing the two technologies together will yield significant performance gains, shorten design cycles, and help users and organizations become more successful. In this paper, we will discuss techniques to optimize data modeling and query formation to maximize the responsiveness of visualizations. We will also discuss techniques to get the best cost efficiency when using Tableau and BigQuery together.

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About the authors


Pierce Young

Product Manager, Tableau

Vaidy Krishnan

Senior Product Manager, Tableau

Vaidy is a Senior Product Manager for Tableau based out of Seattle. In his role, Vaidy builds joint solutions with technology partners addressing several customer scenarios in the areas of Big Data, Cloud, Enterprise Data Management and Advanced Analytics. Prior to Tableau, Vaidy spent many years as an analytics practitioner in manufacturing and healthcare and was a Tableau customer in his most recent role as Analytics Leader at GE in Boston.


Riley Maris

Partner Marketing Manager

Riley is on the Partner Marketing team at Tableau, where he helps develop and drive the messaging, positioning and go-to-market strategy of Tableau and its technology partners. Prior to Product Marketing he worked in Presales at Tableau, and graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in finance.


Babu Prasad Elumalai

Solutions Engineer, Google

Babu Prasad Elumalai is a Solutions Engineer at Google. He is part of the cloud partner engineering team at Google and is responsible for Data and Analytics partner technology integrations with Google Cloud services. Babu has also been leading partner technology integration into Google BigQuery. Babu has been with "The Cloud" for over 7 years and has authored and published multiple technical white papers and blogs around Big Data for Google and other major cloud providers.


Seth Hollyman

Technical Program Manager, Google

Tino Tereshko

Enterprise Solutions Engineer, Google

Mike Graboski

Solutions Engineer, Google