Connect natively to Dremio in Tableau Online to query your data lakes

Learn about the native connector to Dremio in Tableau Online, which helps people query their data lakes and explore their data securely.

Editor's Note: the Tableau Extension Gallery is now Tableau Exchange.

Connectivity is where the Tableau experience starts 

Our mission at Tableau is to help customers see and understand their data. To accomplish this, customers need to be able to access whatever data is important to their analytic needs, wherever it lives. Our connectivity platform does that by providing not only out of the box data connectors, but also an extensible framework that allows any developer to build their own integration, just like we do. This means we can collaborate closely with our technology partners to jointly deliver high quality connectors using our Tableau Connector SDK.

Our technology partner Dremio offers a next-generation data lake engine to securely query a customer’s cloud data lake storage directly. In 2020, they built a connector to their platform using our Connector SDK, which Tableau made available via our Tableau Exchange. Now, with the Tableau 2021.2 release, we are happy to announce a new in-product Dremio connector is now available in Tableau Online, our fully-hosted, managed cloud analytics service.

Tableau Online interface displaying a large list of connectors with Dremio highlighted.
 Tableau Online interface with Dremio connector.

An increasing number of customers have adopted data lakes as the foundation of their data platform. It’s become clear that our customers love the experience and understand how Tableau and Dremio together improve the analytic experience on their data lake.

"Low-cost cloud object storage is increasingly making the cloud data lake the center of gravity for many organizations’ data architectures,” wrote Tomer Shiran, co-founder and CPO at Dremio. “The rise of cloud data lake storage as the default bit bucket in the cloud, combined with the infinite supply and elasticity of cloud compute resources, has ushered in a new era in data analytics architectures."

Get started using the native Dremio connector today

Using the Dremio native connector could not be easier. Simply choose Dremio from the connector list and enter your credentials. The connector is optimized to leverage the power of Dremio and works just like the native Tableau experience you know and love.

Tableau Desktop Connect pane, displaying a large list of data sources with Dremio highlighted.
Tableau Desktop Connect pane with Dremio selected.

If you are not a current Dremio customer, you can deploy Dremio Community Edition for free—whether in a public cloud, in your data center, or on your local machine.

As a Tableau Online customer, enjoy this experience as part of the fully managed environment—no drivers to install, upgrades to schedule or infrastructure to maintain—just load your data and get down to business!