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Your Data Science Model Will Probably Fail (And How to Prevent it)

Data science is more popular than ever, but many data scientists struggle with complicated workflows to run their models as well as how to best communicate the output to less technical stakeholders. Tableau can solve both of these challenges by designing R workflows and creating visualizations that break complicated models down into easily understandable stories. In this webinar, see some of the ways that you can use Tableau Prep and Desktop to bring data science to all of your users and help empower more data-informed decisions.

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Alyssa Peck

Data Scientist, Tableau

Alyssa Peck is a Data Scientist on Tableau's Marketing team. Her projects include building and operationalizing a fully-automated renewal model for Sales and Marketing using R, Google BigQuery, and Tableau. She holds a Master's degree in Statistics from Montana State University, and has over 5 years of experience solving Sales and Marketing problems through advanced analytics and modeling. Outside of work, Alyssa spends her time biking, gardening, reading, and visiting all of the US National Parks (24 out of 62 at time of writing).

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