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Tableau on Tableau: SOC Analytics

Organizations that use data to make informed decisions and proactively alert key stakeholders during planned and unplanned outages help ensure timely resolution, escalation, and communication processes are optimal.

Join us to see how Tableau’s SOC (Service Operations Center) is using data visualization to monitor our services using internal and external data, report on service metrics, reduce alerting white noise, and more.

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About the speakers


Alex Girard

Data Engineer, Tableau

Alex is an innovative IT professional experienced in engineering custom solutions to ingest, store and analyze data on a large scale. He has been with Tableau since 2014 and has created many visualizations used daily to monitor and troubleshoot internal systems as well as Tableau Public and Tableau Cloud. As a Tableau Guru award winner, Alex loves to work with people to identify problems and come up with elegant solutions using Tableau.


Richard Cusack

Service Operations Center (SOC) Analyst, Tableau

Richie has been with Tableau for the past three years, specializing in supporting customers with Tableau Desktop, Server, Public, and Online. He has since moved into our SOC, working to quickly establish and recognize issues during production impacts and prevent further outages. You can find him at Tableau Conferences, helping to dive deeper into infrastructure and networking while being an overall data rockstar!

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