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Ovative: Measuring marketing impact from online-to-store

Retailer marketers are working to crack the code from online to in-store marketing effectiveness. Site optimization is one way retailers can increase effectiveness, but typically only measures online conversions. Having the need to optimize online experience to drive in-store sales, the Tableau based "Sexy Calculator" was created.

Learn how Ovative/group harnessed online-to-store marketing data housed in Google BigQuery to create a comprehensive A/B testing & reporting tool in Tableau that was easy for the end-user and tied to powerful data. The end-result unlocked substantial ROI for both store and e-commerce sales.

Attend this webinar to learn how retailers can better measure their marketing initiatives through the use of big data and comprehensive A/B testing programs.

You can download the slide deck here and continue to discover data-driven marketing innovations in our webinar series.

About the speakers


Claire Wyatt

Manager of Data Visualization, Ovative

Claire is a data evangelist and proud nerd. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin Madison, Claire majored in Finance, Investments & Banking as well as History. After 3 years in the Financial Industry, Claire transitioned her analytical skills to the Marketing Technology world where she spends her days making big data look super sexy. Say "parameter" and her knees are going to get a little weak (she loves them). Also, make sure to ask her about her space helmet or where she got her shoes.


Rachel Rabaey

Manager of Data Science, Ovative

Rachel holds a Masters of Predictive Analytics from DePaul University and has over 15 years of experience in marketing and loyalty program analytics, wrangling data even before it was “big.” As a Manager of Data Science at Ovative/group, she conducts a variety of analyses including predictive modeling, customer segmentation, forecasting and campaign measurement. Her favorite Tableau feature is level-of-detail calculations.

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