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Forbes & Tableau CMO Webinar

Marketing accountability has emerged as a CEO level issue in a rapidly changing marketplace where intangible assets make up 84% of shareholder value – and brand equity, customer relationships, organic growth rates and innovation increasingly drive stock price. New research from the Forbes CMO Practice reveals that marketing contributes more value to the enterprise than ever, despite increasing pressure to demonstrate the financial contribution of rising ($1 trillion) investments in marketing assets, media and technology in terms of growing sales, profits and enterprise value.

In this webinar, Tableau CMO Elissa Fink hosts Bruce Rogers and the research team from the Forbes CMO Practice to discuss the six specific ways progressive CMOs are generating more growth, profits, and enterprise value from their marketing strategies and investments. This webinar will teach you:

How CMOs are partnering with the executive leadership team to agree upon and execute strategies that build shareholder value;

  • Why it is so critical for the CMO to provide data-driven facts and customer insights to support the major resource trade-offs, growth strategy, and growth investment decisions;
  • How the organizations that invest more in marketing performance measurement are generating superior returns and business outcomes from their marketing investments terms of growth, profitability and enterprise value.
  • Participants will get access to the latest research by the Forbes CMO Practice on marketing accountability and the contribution CMOs are making to enterprise value, growth and profitability.

Be sure to download the Forbes CMO Practice Marketing Accountability Report.

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About the speakers


Elissa Fink

Chief Marketing Officer - Tableau Software

Elissa Fink is Tableau Software’s Chief Marketing Officer. With 20+ years helping companies improve their marketing operations through applied data analysis, Elissa has held executive positions in marketing, business strategy, product management, and product development.

Prior to Tableau, Elissa was EVP Marketing at IXI Corporation, a firm specializing in marketing information. She has also served in executive positions at Tele Atlas, TopTier Software, and Claritas, Inc. Elissa also spent time selling advertising for the Wall Street Journal. Elissa holds a B.A. from Santa Clara University and an MBA in Marketing and Decision Systems from the University of Southern California.


Bruce H. Rogers

Chief Insights Officer and Head of the CMO Practice, Forbes Media

Bruce writes for Forbes about Thought Leaders changing the business landscape and is responsible for Forbes Media's Insights division and CMO Practice. Forbes Insights is a strategic thought leadership practice engaged by blue-chip companies like IBM, KPMG, Google, EY, Deloitte, Cisco and others. The Forbes CMO practice comprises content, thought-leadership and events for senior marketers incorporating the Forbes CMO Network and events like the Forbes CMO Summit. He is the co-author of the recently published 127-page report "Publish or Perish—A CMO Roadmap for Managing, Systematizing and Optimizing the Marketing Content Supply Chain." He is also the co-author of three books, "Profitable Brilliance," "In the Line of Money" and "I Win You Whatever," all of which are available on Amazon.


Stephen Diorio

Chief Analyst, Forbes CMO Practice, Forbes Media

Stephen is an established authority in growth and go-to-market innovation with over 25 years of experience helping CEOs, Boards, and CMOs create new growth and enterprise value by leveraging advanced marketing practices and digital technology.
He is the lead analyst in the Forbes Marketing Accountability Initiative where he helps CEOs, Boards and CMOs create new growth and enterprise value by leveraging advanced marketing practices and digital technology. I’ve helped hundreds of marketing leaders take advantage of the most current marketing best practices and digital technology to grow faster, differentiate their customer experience, and reduce selling costs.
Over the last 27 years, Mr. Diorio has helped over 100 leading brands – including: Armstrong, American Express, CBS, DuPont, IBM, Janus Funds, Morgan Stanley, Ricoh, SunTrust Bank, Staples, UPS, and US Bank – to execute leading edge digital transformation, brand publishing, and advanced sales and marketing programs that measurably grow sales at lower cost, differentiate the customer experience, and generate enterprise value.

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