UNESCO Uses Tableau to Visualize Education Poverty Worldwide

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has been tasked with ensuring that every child has access to an education by 2015 with a program called Education for All (EFA). Each year, UNESCO distributes the Global Monitoring Report, which details the progress of the EFA. This year, UNESCO chose Tableau to provide interactive online visualizations of the program (EFA-GMR). Take a look!

This small visualization shows the percentage of the population age 17-22 with less than 4 years of schooling by country. In order for the Education for All program to be considered a success, every one of those countries will need to cut their percentage to zero by 2015. At that time, every child on Earth will have access to at least a basic education.

Please visit the UNESCO EFA-GMR site to explore the report in more detail and enjoy the interactive vizes.

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