Iron Viz Safari entries have arrived!

Just, WOW!

We are thrilled to see so many new participants in Iron Viz Safari, and new countries represented too! These creations continue to blow us away! Take a look at all of the remarkable entries linked below.

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Meanwhile, the Tableau team will be judging each entry on design, storytelling, analysis, and overall appeal to pick the main-prize winner. That winner will go on to compete on stage at TC17 in Las Vegas against the other Iron Viz feeder winners!

The winner will be announced on Monday, 3 July 2017!

Xiu Chu

Jeff StGermaine
Snow Leopard

Curtis Harris
Quick, Draw!

Chris Verlaan
Sum of Seals

Neil Richards
The Rhinoceros

Joshua Tapley
Ants are Gross

Samira Kumar Varadharajan
Trophy Hunting

Naledi Hollbruegge
Walrus Hangouts

Brittany Fong
Shark Sightings

Suraj Shah
Bigfoot or Bear?

Andy Kriebel
Viva Las Vegans!

Chris Love
Spring's got Speed

Amarendranath Reddy Donthala
The Endangered Cat

Paul Banoub
Meet the Penguins!

Russell Spangler
Cats Without A Home

Erin SimplerKellett
Uncle Sam Has a Farm

Timothy Vermeiren
Saviors of the Earth

Tristan Guillevin
A Tale of Rainforest

Pablo Saenz de Tejada
Save the Iberian Lynx

Jacob Robinson
Hidden in Plain Sight

Maddy Malmgren
The Long Journey Noth

Mark Bradbourne
The Demise of the Bee

Igor Plesca
Wild West Horse Crisis

Eric Brown
Pregnancy vs. Longevity

Jayant Singh
Forest and Role of Paper

Ravi Mistry
Ravi's Favourite Animals

Mahfooj Khan
Secret Life of Date Palm

Dhwani Chotalia
Sea Turtles of the World

Nicco Cirone
A Life in Black and White

Tom OHara
Diversity in Mother Nature

Tarini Sunil
India's Battle with Rabies

Jacob Olsufka
How Big are Animal's Brains?

Lorna Eden
Big Life Foundation #IronViz

Aubry Snow
Threats to Endangered Species

Ann Jackson
Let’s Go on a Pokémon Safari!

Jakub Jaros
Wild Animals Export 2006-2015

Mike Cisneros
Dog vs. Man: A Battle of Names

The Data Duo - Schistosomiasis
A Deadly Parasite

Shawn Levin
Biodiversity in Professional Sports

Rebecca Cabral
You are my BFF (Black Footed Ferret)

Luke Stanke
Vegetation: Land Cover Across The World

Mohanarengan Velmurugan
Pangolins-The Worlds Most Hunted Animal

Ken Flerlage
The Killing Fields: The Rhino Poaching Crisis

Annabelle Rincon
A Guide to Hunt Wild Species...... (Mushrooms)

Dustin Cabral
Directing Darwin - Domesticating
the Silver Fox

Carl Allchin - Quokkas
The Unwitting Party to our
Social Trends

Corey Jones
Plant Medicine: The Effects of
Cannabis on Epilepsy

Bridget Cogley
Safari Guide: A Pocket Companion
for the Columbus Zoo

Kevin Knorpp
Cherry Blossom Phenology and
Temperature Reconstructions at Kyoto

Sumeet Bedekar
Global Wild Tiger Population
Increases...But Still A Long Way To Go...

Elnisa Marques
Virunga - The Oldest National Park,
a Story of Hope, Resilience and
Successful Conservation

Savio Henriques
BIRD Species of Africa, Australia,
New Zealand, Antarctica, North
America and Western Palearctic

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