An Education Viz Roundup

September was Back-to-School Month on the Tableau Public blog. As students and teachers streamed back into classrooms and hallways across the globe, we took time to consider how data visualization is being applied to the venerable and age-old act of learning.

In this blog, I've selected seven visualizations that show different aspects of education: return on investment, graduation rates, financial aid, new student surveys, enrollment populations, gender statistics, and university rankings. These visualizations were created by different types of Tableau Public authors, from bloggers, to companies, to the schools themselves.

For even more schools and sites that feature education-related visualizations, see the list complied by Cornell here:

1. Return On Investment

PayScale's 2015-16 College Salary Report

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2. Graduation Rates

UNM Center for Education Policy Research, New Mexico, U.S.

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3. Financial Aid

Higher Ed Data Stories, Jon Boeckenstedt

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4. New Student Surveys

Cornell University Institutional Research and Planning, New York, U.S.

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5. Enrollment Figures

MIT Office of the Provost

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6. Gender Statistics

University of Oxford Academic Administration Division

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7. University Rankings

Peter Gilks, Paint By Numbers

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SURPRISE! Here's an 8th: University KPIs

Pablo Saenz de Tejada, The Information Lab