Build Your Data Skills with the Data Literacy Trail on Trailhead

Get the data skills you need to ask the right questions, make better decisions, and grow your career with this free training, available in 8 languages.

The future speaks data—do you? Despite data skills being the most in-demand skill in today’s (and tomorrow’s) job market, there’s still a data literacy gap. 

Get the training you need to ask the right questions, make better decisions, and grow your career. Start building your data skills—for free—with the Build Your Data Literacy Trail on Trailhead. In support of our ongoing mission to help people everywhere see and understand data, the Trail is now available in Japanese, German, French, Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil), Simplified Chinese, and Korean

Why you need data skills (and why you need to be proactive about building them)

Employers want data skills. In a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Tableau, surveyed recruiters ranked data literacy as the most in-demand skill for entry-level job candidates today. Why? Again, from the same study: “Data literacy efforts lead to significant benefits in increased innovation, greater customer and employee experience, and more.” 

And yet, there’s a gap:

To fill this void, we created the Build Your Data Literacy Trail on Trailhead

How to start building your data literacy 

Anyone can learn new, in-demand skills to kick start their career on Trailhead, a free and fun online learning platform from Salesforce. There you can quickly uplevel your skills with free training modules (or Trails) and guided learning paths (Trailmixes) on countless topics, with hands-on exercises, step-by-step instructions, and support from the global Trailblazer community. Learn everything from soft skills like leadership and presenting to technical skills like Salesforce CRM or marketing automation strategies.

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The Build Your Data Literacy Trail on Trailhead teaches you to interpret, explore, and communicate effectively with data. With content broken into seven brief modules, expect to spend just over three hours in total learning the fundamentals of data literacy: 

  1. Data Literacy Basics
  2. Well-Structured Data
  3. Variables and Field Types 
  4. Aggregation and Granularity
  5. Data Distributions
  6. Variation for Data Comparisons
  7. Correlation and Regression

The platform-agnostic Trail doesn’t require prerequisite knowledge and is based on industry standards and best practices, plus vetted academic course materials. 

Build Your Data Literacy Trail’s first module: Data Literacy Basics

The Build Your Data Literacy Trail opens with a brief introduction to data literacy basics.

Who can benefit from data literacy training? 

We’re long past the days when only data scientists needed to know their way around a dashboard. Anyone can benefit from this data literacy training, specifically: 

  • Business professionals: Ask better questions and make better decisions, faster, with data. Future-proof your career by learning in-demand skills that employers are asking for.
  • Organizations: Strong data cultures—where people across the organization can explore, understand, and communicate with data—drive innovation, collaboration, and organizational success. Learning to engage with data and ask the right questions leads to higher performing and more adaptable organizations, Francesca Gino reports in The Business Case for Curiosity for Harvard Business Review. "When our curiosity is triggered,” says Gino, “we think more deeply and rationally about decisions and come up with more creative solutions."  
  • Informed citizens: Better interpret the data you consume in every aspect of your daily life, from data points in a news article to the cost of your daily commute. 
  • Students: Get the data skills to stand out for success, land your dream job, and make an impact. This Trail can serve as a prerequisite for or component of analyst or data science training. 

What else is Tableau doing to close the data skills gap? 

Tableau is committed to training 10 million people with data skills over the next five years, from building data literacy in individuals to enabling organizations and academic institutions to train and upskill. 

Honoring that commitment spans a range of programs, from Tableau Academic (enabling teachers and students with free software and learning resources, like the Data Literacy One curriculum for the Canvas learning management system) and Tableau eLearning (such as the free Data Literacy for All data skills course) to the Tableau Community. 

Build your data literacy

Ready to start building? Get started with the Build Your Data Literacy Trail on Trailhead.

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And don’t keep it to yourself: Help us build a data-literate world by sharing the Data Literacy Trail with your peers, network, and organization.