Tableau 5.0 Preview: Author Rich Experiences

We already wrote about the “Hey Look at This” moment that happens with Active Dashboards in Tableau 5.0. And there’s more in this release for visualization authors who want to create great experiences for viewers.

Here's a preview of some of the new authoring features, with the live interactivity that we're testing as part of Tableau Server:

Create Dual Axis Charts

Sometimes nothing but a dual axis chart will do. This is often true when you're looking at time-series data with two measures that are of different units and scale. In Tableau Version 5.0, you can satisfy your dual-axis craving with beautiful tableau charts.

Edit Legends, Titles and Tooltips

Customers have asked us for more control over all the elements of a graph. So we gave it to you. In the chart above, notice how the legend titles are customized. You can also choose to include or exclude data from tooltips.

More New Features for Rich Authoring

  • Create guided analytic workflows: guide your viewers through a set of links and filters to present the most relevant data depending on their actions.
  • Manage your data: use powerful new filters with relative dates and more styles. You'll see this throughout this and other blog entries on our 5.0 release.
  • Customize views: change Quick Filter and legend titles, customize tooltips and add parameters to titles and captions to present exactly the right view. We'll preview this today as well.
  • Create dual axes charts: show related data on dual axes. We'll preview this below.

We built Tableau version 5.0 to be a wonderful gift to anyone who authors visualizations. These are only a few of the more than 60 features that are coming out. Stay with us!

Next week: How big can a Tableau implementation get? Much bigger than before. Tune in for server scalability.

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