Announcing Tableau Server on Google Compute Engine

We are happy to announce Tableau Server is certified for use in Google Compute Engine. This means Tableau customers who want to host Tableau Server in the cloud now have the option to host it with Google.

The Google Cloud Platform Ecosystem

Many Tableau customers are already taking advantage of Google's fast, scalable, and affordable data sources, with native connectors to Google BigQuery, Google Analytics, and Google Cloud SQL. With Tableau Server now certified to run on Google Compute Engine, anyone can take advantage of the same speed, scalability and affordability hosting Tableau Server.

When you install on GCE you will still have the advanced capabilities of Tableau Server in a local environment. For instance, Tableau Server can be configured to be highly available, and integrate with all of the common enterprise applications (like Active Directory) that organizations rely on.

Getting started only takes a couple minutes. First, set up a Google Compute Engine VM, then download Tableau Server onto the machine, install, and start publishing your workbooks and data.

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