Insurance company, Porto Seguro gains faster insight into sales metrics from 6+ million customers

Sped executive decision making

Created culture of analytics with Tableau

Implemented KPI dashboard within weeks

Saving weeks analyzing data from 6 million customers

Porto Seguro has 135 branches and regional offices serving over 24,000 insurance brokers and over 6 million customers across the country.

When the business intelligence and analytics team at Porto Seguro started searching for a visual analysis platform, they prioritized self-service analytics.

“We were looking for a tool that might enable us to enhance the autonomy of the analysis in order to speed up the decision-making process,” explains Flávio de Souza, Head Advisor, Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Porto Seguro’s Tableau deployment started as a pilot project within a key business area. The team had been trying to implement a set of dashboards to track key performance indicators over the course of four months. “With Tableau, we implemented it in four weeks,” shares Flávio.

Today, several business areas use Tableau Desktop and Server to monitor key indicators in real time, including customer service metrics and rates from car, life, social security, property/casualty insurance, along with other product offerings.

Flávio speaks about the success of Porto Seguro’s deployment: “The experience has been very positive both with Tableau's professional services and partners,” says Flávio. “As soon as we bought the licenses and built the environment, the support we received both from Tableau and its partner was critical. It made us realize how important the success of the project implementation was to both Tableau and its partner.”

A main objective for the business intelligence team moving forward is to double the amount of Tableau users within the company.

When asked if he has any advice for new Tableau users, Flávio shares, “After showing what you can do with Tableau, the result quickly spreads through the company and creates a strong demand.”