Shaping Data Stories with Neuroscience

Whether told through words, images, or sounds, a good story creates physiological responses in our brains and bodies, from unforgettable memories to overwhelming tears. In this Data Science Central webinar, we will examine the neuroscience principles of vision, memory, and attention in storytelling. We will review scientific data and draw on examples from film, oral storytelling and Tableau to leave viewers with a deeper understanding of the brain and the stories it forms every day.

Über den Referenten


Rawi Nanakul

Senior Consultant, Tableau

Rawi has been telling stories for over ten years using photography, ethnography, filmmaking, and neuroimaging. He holds degrees in music and psychology and investigated how brains associate memories with music. His master's degree and Fulbright Scholarship was focused on the Visual Ethnography of Thailand, which involved examining the lives of Thai kick boxers in Thailand through film and photography. As a neuroimaging researcher he used EEG and MRI to investigate a variety of topics including Fragile-X Syndrome, dementia, autism, and music neuroscience.

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