Know Before You Go: Tableau Conference 2019 (Part 1)

This is part of the All about Tableau Conference (TC19) webinar series.

Tableau Conference (TC19) will be here before you know it! To make the most of your time at TC19, we share the tips you need to get the most out of your experience, make it an unforgettable four days, and leave with enough inspiration to last you until next year.

This webinar will include more about how to:

  • Download and explore the TC mobile app
  • Build a custom schedule and reserve your seat in sessions
  • Book Tableau Doctor appointments and understand their value
  • Grow your network with Braindates and meetups
  • Enjoy Data Night Out–a party unlike any other

Whether this is your first-time attending Tableau Conference or your tenth time, we'll cover what you need to know before you go–and why you simply can't miss it.

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About the speakers


Rory Heath

Community Program Manager, Tableau

As a Community Program Manager at Tableau, Rory leads a community called the Data Leadership Collaborative, a new community connecting data leaders around the world. Based in London, Rory previously led the campaign for the EMEA region's Tableau Conference Europe. Prior to this, Rory launched the region's Customer Evidence efforts and was responsible for amplifying the customer voice at different roadshows, trade shows and conferences. When not in the office, Rory is a keen skier and snowboarder in the winter, and a mountain biker in the summer; always looking for an excuse to get up the hill. When not hurtling himself down a mountain, Rory loves to travel and is always planning the next trip to a new and different part of the world.


Keely O'Neill

Senior Event Marketing Specialist, Tableau

As a member of the Tableau Conference planning team for over four years, Keely helps run and support a variety of events-related projects and programs. A self-described data nerd, Keely is a critical thinker that loves to understand the people behind the data and find ways to improve the customer experience. When not working on Tableau Conference, you can find her looking for new things to visualize in Tableau, doing something active, or laughing at her own dad jokes.

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