How a Data-Driven Culture Improves Organizational Performance

In the last few years, many researchers and analysts have predicted power shifts in business intelligence and analytics world. Today, self-service analytical tools are enabling information workers everywhere identify new insights and drive business performance.

In this webinar, you will hear from IDC Research expert and Amaysim BI Manager on:

  • Why meeting the analytical needs of business users matter to organizational performance
  • What’s driving leaders in APAC enterprises towards a self-service paradigm?
  • How to encourage adoption of analytical tools in your organization
  • How leading APAC enterprises such as Amaysim are adopting self-service analytics and the benefits they’ve experienced.

Register for this webinar and learn how to make a difference using data in your own organization.

Über die Referenten

Brian McDonough

Research Manager, IDC's business analytics solutions research service

Adrian Loong

Business Intelligence Manager, Amaysim Telecommunications

Julian Dell

IT Director, Amaysim Telecommunications
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