Highlights & Features of Tableau 10.4

Get Tableau 10.4 to better collaborate on trusted data

In this release, we’re getting the right data in front of the right people, across the enterprise.

Your data experts can now approve data sources uploaded to Tableau Server and Tableau Online for broader use. Certified Data Sources can help to promote the best data sources for teams to use.

They work seamlessly with our expanded recommendations for data sources, which leverage machine learning to suggest optimal data sources for your specific analysis
Discussions engage the experts around you in conversation threads that root your business decisions in the facts.

When it comes to sharing, With the ability to downgrade and publish workbooks, your collaborators will be sure to get insights they need—even if your organization is running an older version of Tableau Server.

And for more powerful visualizations, we’ve added linear geometry spatial file support and enhanced the built-in controls for dashboard spacing too.

If you are a Tableau Server administrator, we will share first-hand information about Tableau Server on Linux beta at the end of this session.

Über die Referenten

Johanna Knapp

Product Consultant, Tableau Software
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