Going beyond Tableau Reader: Elevate your self-service analytics

Tableau Reader allows you to open visualizations built in Tableau Desktop for free. But it’s not always the best solution for sharing your Tableau dashboards and visualizations. So what should you use when? And why?

This webinar will cover:

  • The history of Tableau Reader, and when and where to use it
  • How Tableau Reader fits into a legacy business intelligence model
  • How Tableau Server can help you develop and pool resources to ensure collaboration, insight, and repeatability
  • The right approach to fully unlock the paradigm shift taking place in organizations embracing self-service analytics
  • The ease by which you can enable a effective data reporting infrastructure

View to discover the best ways to securely share your data at scale, and get your questions answered in real time.

Über die Referenten


Nick Speck

Systems Consultant, Tableau

My Tableau journey started back in 2012 while I worked at PNC Bank as an Enterprise Architect. I enjoyed Tableau so much, that I joined Tableau two years ago working with Enterprise clients in Ohio and Michigan as a Sales Consultant.


John Jensen

Regional Vice President of Sales, Tableau

John (JJ) has been with Tableau for over 7 years and serves as both a leader and evangelist for the company. He started during the early days and has seen Tableau develop from a small start up to the enterprise analytics platform it is today. Previous to Tableau he served in various individual contributor and leadership roles in analytics startups, marketing automation at Unica Corp (now IBM), as well as Informatica.

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