5 Things Your Spreadsheets Can't Do

Discover the five critical ways to go beyond spreadsheets to get more from your data.

For many, Excel is the go-to analysis tool of choice. However, for finding real insight from large volumes of data, spreadsheets simply won’t provide you with the answers you seek. In today’s data-driven world the real data wins are found in visual analysis.

Watch our webinar to find out how to:

  • Avoid the drawbacks of using spreadsheets for data analysis
  • Leverage all of your data, no matter how big or where it lives
  • See the whole picture with data blending and cleansing
  • Create fast and interactive dashboards

  • Über den Referenten


    Erwin van Laar

    Manager, Product Consultant, Tableau

    Erwin van Laar is a Manager of Product Consultancy at Tableau. As a MSc Public Health graduate of Maastricht University in the Netherlands, he specializes in management and innovation. Prior to Tableau, Erwin worked as a management trainee and eventually a team leader at a occupational health service, where he optimized the performance of the Health Checks & Vaccinations unit. He now uses this knowledge on a daily basis to help people see and understand their data across all sectors. In his spare time, Erwin likes to visit the theatre or concerts, which makes London the right place for him!

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