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16 Customer Success Stories from Asia Pacific and Japan

At Tableau, we are constantly inspired and amazed by our customers, the data-driven innovators of businesses who are constantly building value for their organizations, and our partners who are walking lockstep with them to ensure success. We know that when people use Tableau, their organizations see greater success. Our approach of building a data-driven organization, traversing a strong data culture - where everyone in an organization can work with the data they need – are where we see our customers derive greatest success.

In this eBook, you’ll find 16 stories from across Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) that showcase the best examples of partnership between our customers and Tableau partners that have taken the Tableau approach for success. These testimonials cut across industries and showcase the successes of some of the most resilient organizations throughout 2020’s challenging global landscape. We hope these stories will inspire you to continue building success together with Tableau.