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What is Tableau Prep?

Self-service data preparation

Regardless of your skill level with data preparation, Tableau Prep makes it easier to combine, clean, shape, and share your data. With a visual interface giving a complete picture of the data and smart features to make cleaning, automating and administering easier than ever, Tableau Prep will help your organization role out a complete, self-service data preparation solution.

See Tableau Prep in Action

Tableau Prep is comprised of two products:

Prep Builder

Combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis with Prep Builder.

Prep Conductor

Share your data flows and manage them at scale with Prep Conductor.*

*Tableau Prep Conductor is part of the Tableau Data Management Add-on.

Connect & Shape Data

Get the data you need, in the right shape with Prep Builder. 

Join or union

Creating the correct join or union has never been easier – see the results immediately and adjust if necessary.

Learn how to join and union


Pivot from columns to rows or rows to columns to get the results you want from your data. 

Pivot your data


Prep Builder makes dirty data a thing of the past. 

Change data role

Quickly change the data type of a field to make your analysis consistent.


Keep only the relevant and necessary data by filtering out whatever you don’t need for analysis.


Adjust the granularity of your data to either reduce the amount of data produced or align your data across data sources. 

Group & Replace

Take some of the monotony out of the manual data cleaning steps by updating multiple values at once.

Run Flow

Run your flow to get outputs and start analyzing your prepped data

Preview in Desktop

With just a quick click, it’s easy to open your Prep Builder output in Tableau Desktop, making staying in the flow of your analysis seamless. 

Preview your output in Tableau Desktop

Start analysis in Desktop

Now that the data is clean, it’s time to save the output and start doing your deeper analysis. 

Output your data


Share your freshly cleaned data. 

Publish extract

Leverage Tableau’s data and Hyper engine to package your Prep Builder data flow into an extract.

Publish flow

With Prep Conductor, you can publish your flow to run in your Server environment. Schedule when your data flow should run, how often, and who can have access to it.

Monitoring & Alerting

Know your data is always up to date. 


Keep an eye on your data flows in Prep Conductor to make sure they’ve run as expected. 

Monitor flow performance


Use Prep Conductor to receive notifications if your data flow doesn’t run.

Set alerts