Black History Month Celebrated: Week 1 Roundup

Black History Month is off to a great start in the online data community! We’ve joined forces with the folks at, along with Andy Kriebel and Eva Murray’s #MakeoverMonday, Cole Knaflic’s #SWDChallenge, Chloe’s Tseng’s Viz for Social Good, and the Data for Democracy team to engage the data skills and creativity of people all over the world to celebrate the theme of black history during the month of February.

The focus in the first week was Arts, Entertainment and Sports, and Andy & Eva issued a challenge to Makeover Monday participants to visualize demographics in Major League Baseball. Dozens took the challenge, and you can check out some of their amazing submissions below. Pamela Germain even won Viz of the Day with her submission.

Pamela Germain's Baseball Demographics 1947-2016

In the second week, the theme is Education, and Cole Knaflic is encouraging #SWDChallenge participants to use color and words effectively to create and share a visualization on this topic by February 13th. More info in the link below!

Black History Month, Week 2: Education

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Without further ado, let’s take a look back at some of the great work created by Tableau Public authors who responded to the #MakeoverMonday challenge:

Ann Jackson's Baseball Demographics

Thanks to everyone for all the enthusiastic participation so far this month. We’re excited about what you’ll create on this topic going forward!