Roll out flexible pricing and product

Customers demand better value and better pricing, but this needs to be balanced with your own need for increased margin and cost efficiency.


To satisfy your customers and the demands of your business you need a data-driven pricing strategy. Having flexibility plus a clear understanding of the trends and real time needs of your customers is vital to an effective strategy. Your data provides the single point of view you need to deliver success.

Complex challenges solved with Tableau

customer story

Improve sales growth

Huel creates a thriving data culture with Tableau, inspiring business agility and revenue growth.

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Achieve transparency into SKUs

Brown Forman gain insights into pricing and shipping details so they can better manage stock keeping units.


Gain new insights into business strategy

Signet Jewelers saved $250K+ by transforming the team's ability to find data patterns.

Bring clarity to complexity

Navigate to End-to-End Data

End-to-End Data

A real time view of your whole business from supply chain to shop front.

Navigate to No Silos =  Total Engagement

No Silos = Total Engagement

Every function, every department, operating off the same data.

Navigate to Complete Customer View

Complete Customer View

Know your customers then target the right customer at the right time.

Navigate to Make Better Decisions, Faster

Make Better Decisions, Faster

Get your whole organisation working faster and smarter.

Retailers, moving to understand changing demands

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