Celebrating the DataFam and 3 Million Tableau Public Profiles

With more than 3 million profiles and 7 million vizzes, Tableau Public is an engaged and growing community of data enthusiasts creating the largest repository of interactive data visualizations on the web.

Over 3 million free Tableau Public accounts have now been created to explore, create, and share data visualizations across the globe. Collectively these individuals bring our platform to life—making learning data skills engaging, inspiring, and fun.


Explore over 3 million profiles on Tableau Public


Tableau Public launched in February of 2010 with the goal of making data a first-class citizen on the web, much like YouTube had done for video. It was an idea ahead of its time to offer free software that anyone could use to create compelling data visualizations—making data useful, beautiful, and interactive. Thirteen years later, Tableau Public's 3 million plus profiles are continuing the revolution of democratizing data and changing the way people see and understand it globally, one eye-catching data visualization at a time.

With over 7 million vizzes, Tableau Public features the largest collection of data visualizations on the web sourced from authors from around the world. It has been inspiring to see the platform's growth since the beginning. Tableau Public authors and the DataFam are truly an extraordinary group of people who love learning, sharing, and growing together.

So, in celebration of this milestone, we’ve asked a few Tableau Public authors to help us take a look back by reflecting on their own experiences with Tableau Public and a look forward by offering advice to newcomers.

What Tableau Public means to the DataFam

Priya Padham

Priya Padham, Tableau Visionary and Tableau Public Ambassador

"When I first discovered data analytics three years ago, Tableau Public was something that inspired and encouraged me to experiment with data visualization. Before Tableau, I had no idea that data could be combined with design to create engaging and functional pieces of art. But Tableau Public really is a treasure trove of beautiful vizzes you can favorite, as well as talented authors you can follow to ignite that spark of inspiration. If you are new to data visualization, I highly encourage you to download Tableau Public and start playing with data! Get involved in community projects and connect with the DataFam. It’s amazing to be part of a global community where we all share one unique thing in common – a passion for data!"

Dennis Kao

Dennis Kao, Tableau Public Ambassador

"Engaging with Tableau Public has helped me in several ways. First, having used various statistical and GIS mapping software over the past 10 years, I felt I had finally found the right tool the first time I tried Tableau. It really invigorated my passion for data and mapping. Second, Tableau Public (and the broader DataFam) provided a space where I am continually inspired, motivated to practice, and encouraged to share my work. Finally, Tableau Public helped to bring out a creative artistry that I never realized I had."

Samuel Parsons

Samuel Parsons, Iron Viz Finalist and Tableau Visionary

"When I discovered Tableau Public, it really was career-defining. Public allowed me a space where I could practice learning Tableau and begin building a Data Visualisation portfolio. When attempting to change my career to Data Visualisation, I turned up at the final interview where they had already prepared on screen my Tableau Public profile! I was asked to then talk through what I had created. My Tableau Public profile really was what made me stand out from the other candidates, I was the only candidate that was able to show at the interview their visualisation work! It was game-changing."

Chiaki Ishida

Chiaki Ishida, Tableau Public Ambassador

"Whenever I introduce myself at work or want to kick off a data conversation I always show my Tableau Public Profile. My journey started in 2018 when I published my first dashboard. When I look back at that first viz I published, I still get a little embarrassed, but see it as a reminder of how much I've grown in my skills since then. That is the power of Tableau Public. Not only is it a place where I can show off my work, but also a great learning source. Every day I get new insights, ideas, and enthusiasm from the dashboards that the DataFam Community around the world creates. If you haven't signed up already, you don’t know what you’re missing!"

Nicole Klassen

Nicole Klassen, Tableau Visionary and Tableau Public Ambassador

"I was introduced to Tableau when I switched careers 8 years ago. Tableau was a new tool in the office and completely new to me. I used it for work purposes only for 5 years. Then, I joined the Atlanta Tableau User Group and participated in their ATL IronViz using Tableau Public, and my career completely changed. By downloading Tableau Public, my Tableau skills grew exponentially; I was able to learn cool tricks/charts in Tableau Public and take those tricks back to the office. Because of my Tableau Public portfolio and my connections in the Tableau Community, I was able to land my dream job. I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have the past 2 years without Tableau Public."

Irene Diomi

Irene Diomi, Tableau Visionary and Tableau Public Ambassador

"When I started posting and sharing my visualizations on Tableau Public, I was not expecting to meet such incredible people. The community shows the art of the possible with Tableau and definitely sped up my learning as I got exposure to very talented people early in my Tableau journey. Also, giving credit where credit is due is one of the core values I love about the community. If you use someone's technique give them a shout and acknowledge them."

Kyle Yetter

Kyle Yetter, Tableau Public Ambassador

"When I first discovered Tableau, I made it a habit to review the Viz of the Day every day. This practice really opened my eyes to what was possible in Tableau, and gave me ideas to implement as I was learning and building. Years later, my participation in Makeover Monday and Workout Wednesday has built a portfolio of work that I often refer back to for my own projects. Now as a Workout Wednesday coach and Tableau Public Ambassador, I hope to help the next cohort being introduced to Tableau understand the vast possibilities available to them."

Ravi Mistry

Ravi Mistry, Tableau Public Ambassador

"For a restless millennial who didn't have the patience for code, and wanted instant gratification, Tableau Public allowed for a free way of not only providing the jumping off point for my career in data, but an incredible resource of work. I use Tableau Public to document my learning journey, discover new techniques, find inspiration to overcome vizzers block. Without a platform like Tableau Public, the journey toward better visualisations, application of new features, and exploring new insightful dashboards would not be possible."

Jessica Moon

Jessica Moon, Tableau Public Ambassador

"During a career change, I realized tutorials were only going to take me so far, and what I really needed was practice. I soon found Tableau Public where I could make visualizations about topics that interested me. In creating outside the box visualizations, I found I touched more of the software than creating business visuals at work. I have been making fun vizzes ever since, and finding the community exposed me to more datasets and great examples of design and functionality. My Tableau Public favorites is where I go when I need inspiration for work or fun. At work, we’re usually a couple of versions behind, and Tableau Public helps me get familiar with new features so I’m ready when we upgrade. I’m grateful for this incredible platform and the growth I’ve achieved because of it!"

Kevin Flerlage

Kevin Flerlage, Tableau Visionary and Tableau Public Ambassador

"In 2018, I started looking for new jobs in the field of analytics. My skills lied mainly in Excel. But every job I looked for included Tableau in the job description. So I downloaded the desktop version of Tableau Public, created a Tableau Public account, and then enlisted my brother to give me a crash course on the product. From there, I was hooked and created dozens of visualizations in just a couple of months, publishing them all to Tableau Public. In doing so, I got noticed by Jeffrey Shaffer (one of the all-time greats) and landed a Tableau Developer job within just six months of using it. I absolutely love Tableau Public. It has literally changed the course of my career and my life. "

Explore this viz about the DataFam by Jessica Moon and Dennis Kao on Tableau Public.

Thank you, DataFam!

We appreciate these incredible Tableau Public authors for taking the time to share their experiences and advice. And we want to thank our wonderful community for continuing to wow us with your inspiring content.

Each new person that joins helps make Tableau Public exactly what it is; a place that encourages the use of facts and analytical reasoning to solve the world's problems, a place where people can ask and answer questions with data (sometimes silly, sometimes serious), and a place where data enthusiasts around the world can come together and share their ideas with each other.

We’ll continue our celebration during the next episode of My Tableau Story with Kimly Scott on March 22 at 5 PM PDT. Mark your calendar and be sure to tune in.

With over 3 million Tableau Public profiles and 7 million vizzes, the opportunities for viz-spiration are endless. Explore Tableau Public, follow our Tableau Public Ambassadors, sign up for a Community Project, and check out our Featured Authors to see what fellow data enthusiasts from around the world are creating in Tableau.