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When cases of COVID-19 first started to spread around the globe, government organizations turned to Tableau to quickly understand, track and communicate the impact of the virus on their communities and make decisions on social distancing measures.

Now, as our world moves through various stages of stabilization, re-opening and eventually growing into a new normal, these same organizations are now leveraging data to make decisions on infrastructure and internal assets as well as ensuring resources are allocated to the citizens that need it most.

Tableau Government Summit 2021

Over the past year, government organizations have faced extraordinary challenges, ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to implementing massive government assistance programs, to responding to natural disasters. These crises have demonstrated the value of data to every government agency - and now, there is no turning back from an increasingly data-driven and digital government. Watch every Government Summit session on-demand to learn how agencies are using data analytics to meet current and future demands.

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How Government Agencies Can Use Data to Manage Through a Crisis

In a crisis, ad hoc decision-making isn’t sustainable, or recommended. Government entities have learned that being data-driven is at the heart of being mission-driven. Read how organizations can leverage data and analytics to create dashboards and visualizations that transform complex information into actionable insights.

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Explore these dashboards to see how state & local government organizations are developing public facing dashboards to share accurate and open data related to the COVID-19 crisis.

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Tableau is being used by the New York City Mayor's Office and agency partners to track and manage the crucial components of the City’s pandemic response operations, including the capacity of health systems and the distribution of PPE supplies. Tableau’s dynamic dashboards are powerful for analyzing, distilling and visualizing data so that leadership can make informed and timely decisions. The City is grateful for the expert support Tableau has provided along the way.

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