Energy & Resources Analytics

Energy and Resources power modern life—and produce vast quantities of data, from the energy used to the resources needed to make many of these things that help us in business and our everyday lives. With Tableau, you can analyze that data for value that makes you more than a commodity, whether it’s increasing output, reducing downtime, or improving customer service. With an efficient platform for gaining insights across geographies, products, services, and sectors, you can maximize downstream profits and minimize upstream costs. You can also help clients, partners, investors, and the public understand and visualize your value with interactive online dashboards.

Getting ahead of the metrics with data visualizations at GE Oil & Gas

The growing complexity of regulations and fluctuating market conditions have left today’s oil & gas industry with a myriad of demands for greater efficiency and productivity. Manufacturing companies that have traditionally turned to manual reports for business metrics and insights are now seeking tools that help them to measure and report on operations in real-time, and forecast quality problems before they arise. In this 45-minute webinar, learn how GE Oil & Gas Digital Solutions has:

  • Cleaned up dashboards and business quality metrics for reporting
  • Increased data accuracy by 90% compared to previous years
  • Grown reporting and data visualization usage across the business
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We feel that it has helped differentiate us, allowing us to reduce churn and sustain our higher monthly recurring revenue.

Zero to 60 at LyondellBasell: an accelerated Tableau self-service journey

LyondellBasell manufactures chemical products at 57 sites in 18 countries with 15,000 employees. LyondellBasell will share their year one journey and lessons learned on an aggressive path towards enterprise self-service.

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We're really trying to get a better understanding of how customers behave. By being able to see patterns in our customer transactional data and tie it all together, we can understand what behaviors led up to a certain customer leaving, or what makes our good customers stick.