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Reduce time to value and accelerate your journey to data-driven insights. Use these Accelerators to quickly and easily build robust marketing dashboards that improve productivity and help answer key business questions—all using your own marketing data.

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Marketing dashboards from Tableau Public

Download and connect your data to these best-in-class examples of marketing dashboards that demonstrate the art of what’s possible when visualizing and publishing your marketing data. Here you’ll find plenty of inspiration from the Tableau Community.

Build trust, loyalty and engagement throughout the customer journey

KPI's: Views & Clicks, Engagement Score, Sessions, Bounce Rate, Avg Time/Page


Manage and improve your bottom-line performance with program budgeting analysis

KPI's: Growth/Media Spend, Views/Dollar, Clicks/Dollar, Sales/Dollar, Lead conversions


Position your brand in a way that’s meaningful to Customers by analyzing program, channel and lead-conversion performance

KPI's:Sales/Program, Views/Program, Leads & Conversions/Program, Renewal Rate/Program


Streamline and automate the existing reporting/analytics process to focus on strategy & campaign optimization

KPI's: Campaign Performance, Clicks, CTR, Engagement, Cost/Lead


Report effectively on marketing initiatives enabling my organization to use data to drive marketing decisions

KPI's: Program Performance, Views/Dollar, Clicks/Dollar, Sales/Dollar, Leads/Conversions


Navigate uncertain times and respond with agility to current marketing challenges

KPI's: COVID rates, COVID Market Impact


Best practices and resources

Marketing Community User Group

Connect with other marketers, ask and answer questions, share your vizzes with others, and get insights into popular marketing-analytics content.

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Connect to data and third-party sales solutions

Third-party applications

Get information on popular third-party applications that work with Tableau.

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Connect to data

Get step-by-step guidance on connecting to a variety of the most common data sources.

Connect to your data

Salesforce + Datorama

Connect, analyze, and take action on all your data in one marketing dashboard.


Google + Tableau

Use Tableau to glean insights from your Google-hosted data (Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, and Google Sheets).

Google + Tableau

Email campaign overview

Visualize data and gain insights from your marketing email campaigns.

Visualize in Eloqua

Account Engagement

Visualize data for a holistic overview of all your account engagements and activities.

Visualize in Eloqua