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Show Me the Data in Sport

Get to know Tableau with record-breaking data!

Sports are full of numbers and data; from scores, times, records and player statistics, to ticket sales and viewership. When the power of visual analytics meets sports data, you can see and understand what’s really going on in the games we love. As we explore the data behind your favourite sports, we’ll show you how to visualise any data with Tableau’s powerful and flexible analytics platform, no matter what role or industry you’re in.

We’ll showcase Tableau’s easy-to-use analytics platform with exciting features to make your data journey easier than ever. Hear how Rugby Australia uses Tableau to bring a data-informed culture to all levels of the game, from grassroots to elite sporting teams. Plus, we'll show you the power of our Community, including how a true data rockstar uses Tableau to show their passion for sports.

Check out this action-packed event to see:

  • What makes the Tableau platform a slam dunk?
  • Exclusive demos and showcase of product features
  • How Rugby Australia brings a data-informed culture to all levels of the game
  • Data rockstar Frederic Fery on how he uses Tableau in the community

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About the speakers


Alex Simpson

Data Analyst, Rugby Australia

Alex joined Rugby Australia as a Data Analyst specialising in Tableau in March 2020, having previously worked as an analytics consultant. He is responsible for building Rugby’s Tableau reporting suite, to enable a data-informed culture across the game from grassroots participation through to high performance teams.


Frederic Fery

Data Visualisation Manager, BIG W

Frederic loves the #datafam and is actively vizzing in his spare time about topics such as sport, politics, health or Aussie social and human rights issues.
Currently Tableau Public Ambassador and Brisbane TUG leader, Frederic is also a Tableau guest lecturer at his local University QUT.
As Director Operations for Viz For Social Good and volunteer for the Tableau Service Corps, he is helping not-for-profits and charities make sense of their data!


Steve Street

Principal Solution Engineer, Tableau

Steve Street is a Principal Solution Engineer at Tableau based out of Perth, Western Australia and has been immersed in data technologies and solutions for over 20 years. With a grounding in database technologies and data modelling Steve gravitated to reporting and analytics as a way to help business users support their decisions with information.

Steve has worked in the IT industry throughout his career, largely as a contractor in the UK and now based in sunny Perth in Western Australia. Having worked with many of the leading vendors in the BI space, Steve now works for the #1 Analytics platform Tableau. As a Principal Solution Engineer Steve’s role is to listen to customers and prospects and help them understand how analytics can help support and promote their business, enabling scalable self-service analytics across organisations of all sizes.

Steve also has the role of Technology Evangelist for Tableau, helping promote the benefits, both personal and organisational, of analytics, and how Tableau helps people see and understand data.


Razia Khan

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau

Razia is an absolute tech geek who loves data & gadgets. Having worked across different technologies from content management systems and workflows to the world of API's, she is now back into her favourite space of all: data & analytics! Razia has worked across all parts of the business ranging from sales to solution architecture and has worked to grow client portfolios across the Asia Pacific region. In her spare time, Razia enjoys hiking, photography and travelling.


Caroline Yam

Community Manager, Tableau

A native Aussie, Caroline is part of the APJ Tableau Community team leading the community and user group program. From the sunny coasts of Singapore and across the oceans to Australia, India and Japan, she helps to connect Tableau users with each other and empower them to share their love of visual analytics for the APAC region. Beyond her role in enabling the community, she loves to eat noodles and is passionate on working on Diversity & Inclusion projects internally.

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