Best of the Tableau Web: March 2015

Hey, talk Tableau to me. No, really. This data viz by Jeff Shaffer and Allan Walker takes voice commands.

Hey, talk Tableau to me.

Or rather, talk Tableau to this viz. This project by Jeff Shaffer and Allan Walker takes voice commands. (No, really. This is not a belated April Fools' Day joke.) The pair got the idea while discussing Shaffer’s previous work, a gesture-controlled slide presentation.

See for yourself by clicking on the image below. Use Chrome, and enable your microphone or webcam.

And that was just the start. Shaffer and Walker, with the help of Anya A'Hearn, have since added voice control to additional vizzes.

Now, onto the Best of the Tableau Web:

Tips & Tricks

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Visual Design

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Beyond the Basics

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Tableau Server

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Tableau Use Cases

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