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Tableau Blueprint

Your methodology to becoming a data-driven organization

Webinar Series Tableau Blueprint is an actionable step-by-step guide to building the capabilities you need to create a successful Data Culture in your organisation—a culture which places data at the heart of every conversation and business decision. Join this webinar series to learn what a successful Tableau deployment looks like so your organisation can take steps to develop new data-driven processes. Using real world examples, our team of Customer Success Managers will provide concrete plans, recommendations, and guidelines on how you can implement these processes to help your organisation transform the way it uses data everyday. Each webinar will cover a different Tableau Blueprint competency. You can register for all of them or just a few. Check out the full Tableau Blueprint guide here.

Webinars sob demanda

Título Duração
Establish Internal Communications and Resources to Promote Adoption
Lear how to build a well-defined communications plan to build your user community
20 min.
Create a Governance Framework for Data and Content in Tableau
Learn how your organisation can build a flexible data governance strategy to meet new business requirements.
40 min.
How to Plan and Build an Analytics Strategy for your Organisation
Learn how to implement an organisation-wide analytics strategy by securing approval and participation from a broad-set of internal stakeholders.
43 min.
Develop an Educational Plan to Raise Data Skills
Learn how your organisation can develop a specialised educational program to raise data skills among all employees.
62 min.
Plan Your Tableau Deployment Strategy
Learn how to optimise your Tableau Deployment including sizing, installation, and configuration of your Tableau Server.
38 min.