Update: Tableau 10 is here! Download now to try out the feature outlined below. Open Tableau 10, and you’ll notice that things look a bit different. That’s because we’ve reimagined the entire interface to help you see and understand your data even faster and easier. Currently in beta, Tableau 10 includes a clean, inviting, and playful interface. It gets out of the way, lets your data shine, and puts your viz front and center. (Check out the full-screen version here.) We’ve added new color palettes, a custom typeface, and new themes that minimize clutter and maximize insight. The result: Your vizzes will look even more beautiful by default. You might also notice we’ve visually unified our web, mobile, and desktop offerings to create a clear and consistent mental model. But the upgrades go beyond skin-deep. Tableau 10 includes new features that encourage expressiveness, and allow greater control and flexibility. We’ve merged the art and science of perception to empower people to create stunning visualizations by default. We are on a journey together to craft a powerful, creative, and beautiful experience in data exploration. We are building products that empower you—we don’t believe that data should be controlled by a few. Tableau is unique, and we believe that is a reflection of the passion that you bring to the table every day. Join us. We’re working with beta testers to collect feedback and refine the design. We invite you to participate, and help make Tableau even faster, easier, and more beautiful.

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Tableau 10 includes a brand new look and feel, and a host of new features to help you prep, analyze, and share your insights even faster. Check out our Coming Soon page for details.


On first glance the interface does not seem to be different at all other than removing the title window and moving it onto the viz. I'd be more interested in hearing about how version 10 is addressing the top voted Ideas. Thank you. -Joe

Indeed, we would like to see how the top voted ideas were integrated in the new version. Anyone from Tableau can confirm that this topic is being addressed?

We're hitting some of the items on the top 10 requested list in version 10. Check out details on what's new here http://www.tableau.com/coming-soon

Would Like to know the new features that are coming new version of tableau

I Loved the new clean visual and interface design

Bests Veronica

After watching the Virtual Release I requested to be part of the Beta. I downloaded the 32 bit Windows version and was so pleased to see how much easier it was to see the palette and I think the new Tableau font is clearer. Can't wait to contribute more as I use the Beta this week.

Gold star for using science data in your demo screen shot! Another star for using flow cytometry data! I spend a lot of time working with Tableau to reduce complex flow cytometry experiments to digestible figures. Maybe I'm not the only scientist using Tableau after all!

Is there any possibility to update parameter based on marking (action from another sheet)

Nice looking & powerful tool. With Improvado.io you can now pull data from Tableau and easily access it the way you want it. You can use Improvado's UI Dashboard, automated spreadsheets, Tableau or other BI tools to draw meaningful insights from your data in one single dashboard.

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