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Tableau Server 2023.1.6

We raden aan om de nieuwste onderhoudsrelease van deze versie te gebruiken, want deze bevat oplossingen voor bepaalde fouten.

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This version was removed due to an issue identified in the Messaging Service.

Starting in September, 2023, fixed defects can be found on this site. Additional defect information is available at[sfcategoryfull]=Tableau.

Opgeloste problemen

Probleem-ID Beschrijving

W-12824663 When using calculated fields from an extract with Dynamic Zone Visibility or dynamic axis titles, the refresh extracts would fail with the error, "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."


W-13665676 On Ubuntu, when trying to create an extract using Web Edit in Tableau Server 2023.1.2 the following error would occur: "Transaction silently rolled back because it has been marked as rollback-only".


W-13827661 When publishing a workbook to Tableau Server where Personal Space is disabled, the error "An unknown error related to remote content was detected (500)" could occur.


W-13779789 Email notifications of Tableau Server process events (up, down, and failover) might not be sent intermittently in a multi-node Tableau Server installation.


W-13838494 In Tableau Server 2023.1, no projects were returned when sorting all projects or top-level projects by projects (most-least) or (least-most).


W-13767821 On Tableau Server 2023.1, the REST API call "Add User to Site" could fail with error code="400003" and "Payload is either malformed or incomplete" when Site SAML was enabled and the payload for the user contained "authSetting":"ServerDefault".


W-12824605 A Crosstab would not always be visible when running with the Tableau Server Independent Gateway (TSIG).


W-13630830 Connecting from Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server to a Snowflake data source could result in "Invalid consent request" error when the Role Name entered used double quotes because case sensitivity (lower case) was not retained with the double quotes.


W-13581915 A query to a Snowflake data source has been created in Tableau Desktop and published to Tableau Server as a live connection. When using this connection in Tableau Desktop the errors, "Error Code:B9F09DDB" and "An error occurred while communicating with the Snowflake data source" could occur.


W-12903785 Data source owner is displayed as a "Hidden User" even if User Visibility is set to "Full" in 2022.3.4 and higher.

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Do, 21 september, 2023

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