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Tableau Prep 2022.1.1

We raden aan om de nieuwste onderhoudsrelease van deze versie te gebruiken, want deze bevat oplossingen voor bepaalde fouten.

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Resolved Issues

Probleem-ID Beschrijving

After an upgrade to 2021.4.3 or 2021.4.4, the changes in the Input Step disappear after opening a flow with Redshift data.


After clicking on a Flow Connection Name while in grid view, it would sometimes result in the error, "Page Unavailable"


When authenticating to Tableau Server, Tableau Prep would sometimes complete the sign in process without allowing the user to switch sites.


When signing in from Tableau Prep into Tableau Server, it would sometimes result in a blank screen.


When creating a new parameter, after selecting the type "list", the resulting dialog box would resize causing the "Ok" and Cancel" buttons to be out of the view.


Error messages in the calculation field within Tableau Desktop would display in a different language from the chosen Tableau Prep language.

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wo, 30 maart, 2022