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Retail insights begin with Tableau

With changing market forecasts and evolving customer requirements, retailers and wholesalers must turn to data to stay ahead of the curve. From managing supply chain to providing customers with optimal service and experience, retailers and wholesalers are turning to Tableau to transform their data into actionable insights. Tableau is committed to helping your organization use the power of visual analytics to tackle the complex challenges and decisions you’re facing on a daily basis. Visit our COVID-19 Data Hub to learn how organizations large and small are leveraging Tableau as a trusted resource in this unprecedented time.

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Take action with COVID-19 data

COVID-19 US Retail Impact

The 2020 holiday retail season will be a season like no other. More than ever, retailers will need a deep understanding of their customers to meet expectations for a seamless, omnichannel experience. Understanding patterns of consumer behavior, including visitation patterns, can give retailers a competitive advantage by enabling a data-driven approach to forecasting and planning.

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Top 10 Dashboards for Retailers to Thrive 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way retailers do business. All retailers have had to learn new ways to service their customers, virtually, and at the same time, proactively anticipate behaviors and trends in order to meet the fast-changing needs of those customers. None of this is possible without data. The transition to a world that requires near real-time insights has been swift, and retailers who have prioritized a data-centric approach to their business are seeing the power of analytics in everything from inventory management to supply chain optimization. Read this white paper and find out how retailers are using Tableau to solve their most complex business challenges.

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Loyalty Program Analytics

For retailers seeking to increase sales with loyalty member customers, it is important to understand sales activity by channel and location relative to standard customers, and trends over time, to inform marketing decisions such as price optimization and marketing promotions.

Supply Chain Optimization

As the supply chain is disrupted, there are cost implications that must inform the distributor’s decisions. And when a distributor can’t meet demand, it’s important that they know how to make up for the gap with other suppliers while considering cost implications of any adjustments.

Retail & Consumer Goods Stockroom

The Stockroom is a learning series specifically for the analytics needs of our Retail & Consumer Goods Community. Whether you’re a current customer, analyst, business unit or new to Tableau, we have a number of virtual sessions that will help you throughout your analytics journey.

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Retail Analytics Knowledge Hub

Retail business leaders need to anticipate customers' needs no matter where they purchase, maintain flexible product and pricing strategies, drive efficiencies in the supply chain, and ensure the whole organization is working together and focused on the customer. The retail knowledge hub will show you how leveraging your data with Tableau's end-to-end analytics platform will help  deliver outstanding customer experiences while driving efficiencies.

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12 Powerful Retail Dashboards 2019

Are you just beginning to use dashboards to visualize your data? Or are you ready to supplement the dashboards you’re already using for an even broader understanding of your business? Wherever you are in your data analytics journey, actionable insights are essential to gain a competitive edge—and dashboards play a critical role in bringing those insights to life. Read this whitepaper and see how top retailers are using visual analytics for competitive advantage—then test drive the dashboards and experience the power of visual analytics for yourself.

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Natural language generation enables store managers to identify and communicate key insights faster.

Visualizing waste provides powerful, actionable insights.

Anticipate product demand with on-demand weather and inventory data.

Identify product availability solutions that have the largest impact

How data empowers human connection at Starbucks

Read the blog from our NRF 2021 Big Ideas Session.

NRF 2021 Highlights

The Future of Analytics: Starbucks and Tableau—Adapting to Drive Innovation and Connection

If the pace of change was already accelerating before 2020, this past year kicked it into overdrive. The ability to absorb these shocks—to quickly and effectively adapt to each new wave of change—is what sets organizations up not merely to survive but thrive. From accelerating business transformation to doubling down on what sets the brand apart, Starbucks has relied on analytics to respond rapidly and drive innovation where it matters most. And in a year in which disconnection hit critical mass, Starbucks turned to analytics to find opportunities for more human connection.

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Why zulily created a self-service marketing analytics platform with Tableau and Google Big Query.

Allrecipes, the world’s largest digital food brand, uncovers marketing trends with Tableau.

Abercrombie & Fitch forecasts regional product inventory and improves customer service from screen to store

Coca-Cola Bottling Company empowers the enterprise with Tableau Mobile dashboards to drive bottom line

Customer service now has to be the center of everything we do, and we’ve got to be ahead of it before the customer even knows it. And Tableau is really making a difference in getting us there.

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