IDC Analyst Brief - Bringing Data Science to Business Users

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Why Data Science Should be Democratized

Tableau, Snowflake and Deloitte help our customers transform their businesses by making it easier to modernize and unify data in the cloud, combine it into a single source of truth and derive, fast, actionable insights.  

Download this free Analyst Brief, written by Philip Carnelley, AVP of Software Research at global market intelligence firm, IDC, to gain an industry analyst perspective on:

  • Why data science should be democratized
  • The power of an ecosystem to give you a head start in driving your organization towards a data culture 
  • The importance of a modern analytics platform 
  • How the cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning and visual analytics means that the technology exists to allow business users to get insight without always relying on data scientists and
  • How Tableau Business Science allows business people to interact with dashboards, enabling them to visualize trends and drill down to discover actionable insights at the speed of thought.

Tableau Business Science is a new class of AI-powered analytics that lowers the barrier to data science techniques.  It empowers analysts and business users to make faster, more confident decisions, expand analytics use cases and deepen their understanding of business critical data with Einstein Discovery in Tableau. 


To learn more also check out this IDC report: Bridging the Data Divide: Bringing Data Science to Business Workflows 

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