Get Inspired: The TED Video Viewer from Dan Murray of InterWorks

Special Note: Dan Murray of InterWorks showed us a creative use of Tableau Public dashboards. He's found a way to categorize and organize hundreds of videos available on the TED website. We thought it was so interesting we'd share his actual write-up and dashboard with you.


TED provides bursts of human wonderfulness by posting speeches by accomplished and motivating people. The talks provide concentrated doses of passion, insight, humor and inspiration.

This year I set a goal to watch every video on TED . What would that require? Using a Google Doc spreasdsheet on TED's blog as a starting point, I built a Tableau Dashboard analyzing the number and duration of the talks.

There are over 633 videos currently available on TED with an average of 5 new ones posted weekly. I could achieve my goal in 45 minutes per day - a small cost as alternatives like watching Simon Cowell ding people on Amercian Idol offers far less insight per minute of viewing.

Click in the Talks by Theme highlight table to filter by year, theme or a specific year & theme. Selecting a specfic topic in the Speakers and Topics table will launch the video in a separate window. The bar chart at the bottom visualizes counts videos published over time.

A more elaborate version of this dashboard with additional analysis and an embedded video viewing window can be found on my blog "The Data rEVOLUTION". You can also download the source spreadsheet there.

What other ways can you think of using the URL link action in Tableau dashboards? Are you using this URL actions in your dashboards?

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