DataFam Roundup: January 17 - 21, 2022

A weekly blog post that brings together what’s trending in the community all in one post.

Welcome! Dig into the first DataFam Roundup (of 2022!!)—a weekly blog that brings together community content all in one post. As always, we invite you to send us your content—and the DataFam content from your peers that have inspired you! Find the content submission form here.

DataFam content 

CJ Mayes: Soccer Voronoi in Tableau

Dive into content created by the Tableau Community: 


From Team Tableau


Upcoming events and community participation

  • Braindates, Data Leadership Collaborative: Take advantage of the collective knowledge of like-minded peers from around the world. Connect one-on-one or in groups with fellow data leaders. Add your topic of interest or join other conversations to teach, learn, and inspire.
  • Iron Viz 2022 Qualifier Event: Need a boost getting started or strategies for taking your submission to the next level? Sarah Bartlett, Iron Viz finalist and Iron Quest founder, and Lisa Trescott, 2021 Iron Viz Champion will be share their experiences and tips LIVE. Plus, we’re saving time for a Q&A. We hope to see you there! And remember, win or learn—you can’t lose.
  • Get your Tableau CRM questions answered on the Forums.
  • Stay up to date with the latest and greatest from the Tableau Community. We'll help you along in your Tableau journey, bring your data skills to the next level, and nurture powerful connections. 
  • The Feedback Loop Sign-Up Form: January 2022  This data vizzing workshop was started by Joshua Smith and is based on creative art workshops. He put it best: "The idea of the Feedback Loop, and of creative arts workshops in general, is meant to test the subjective and aesthetic elements against peers. It's meant to provide diversity of perspectives, because what works for one person may not work for another. And, what I've learned now, it can create an incredible community of people devoted to helping one another grow as artists." 
  • Sign up to be a panelist for the 3charts@3 Live: A Mystery Chart Show featuring topics like personal finance, energy, healthcare and more!



Arshad Ejaz: NYT Covid Spiral Chart

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Check out some inspirational vizzes created by the community:

Community Projects

Back 2 Viz Basics *NEW!

A bi-weekly project helping those who are newer in the community and just starting out with Tableau. Not limited just to newbies!
Web: Back 2 Viz Basics
Twitter: #B2VB
Week 2: Dates & Line Charts


Data Plus Music *NEW!

A monthly project visualizeing the data behind the music we love!
Web: Data Plus Music
Twitter: #DataPlusMusic
January 2022: The Grammys


Games Night Viz *NEW!

A monthly project focusing on using data from your favorite games.
Web: Games Nights Viz
Twitter: #GamesNightViz
January 2022: Level 1: Hello World


Workout Wednesday

Build your skills with a weekly challenge to re-create an interactive data visualization. 
Web: Workout Wednesday
Twitter: #WOW2021
Week 03: Can you visualise percent difference from a selected date?


Preppin' Data

A weekly challenge to help you learn to prepare data and use Tableau Prep. 
Web: Preppin’ Data
Twitter: #PreppinData
Week 52: Departmental Decemeber - Operations


Iron Quest

Practice data sourcing, preparation, and visualization skills in a themed monthly challenge. 
Web: Iron Quest
Twitter: #IronQuest


Storytelling with Data

Practice data visualization and storytelling skills by participating in monthly challenges and exercises. 
Web: Storytelling with Data
Twitter: #SWDChallenge
January 2022: visualizing cycles


Project Health Viz

Uncover new stories by visualizing healthcare data sets provided each month. 
Web: Project Health Viz
Twitter: #ProjectHealthViz
January 2022: One Year of Sleep 


Diversity in Data

An initiative centered around diversity, equity & awareness by visualizing provided datasets each month. 
Web: Diversity in Data
Twitter: #DiversityinData
November - December 2021: The countdown to Christmas and New Year!


SDG Viz Project

Visualize data about Sustainable Development Goals provided by the World Health Organization. 
Web: SDG Viz Project
Twitter: #TheSDGVizProject


Sports Viz Sunday

Create and share data visualizations using rich, sports-themed data sets in a monthly challenge. 
Web: Sports Viz Sunday
Twitter: #SportsVizSunday
January 2021:  BBC Sports Personality of the Year


Viz for Social Good

Volunteer to design data visualizations that help nonprofits harness the power of data for social change.
Web: Viz for Social Good
Twitter: #VizforSocialGood
Jan 9, 2022 -  Feb 6, 2022: Build up Nepal


Real World Fake Data

Create business dashboards using provided data sets for various industries and departments.
Web: Real World Fake Data
Twitter: #RWFD


Viz 2 Educate

Each month, create vizzes on global education syllabus topics as resources for teachers worldwide.
Web: Viz 2 Educate
Twitter: #Viz2educate


Makeover Monday

Join the community every Monday to work with a given data set and create better, more effective visualizations.
Web: Makeover Monday
Twitter: #MakeoverMonday