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Tableau Server 2021.3.4

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Mar, 30 Noviembre, 2021

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Problemas resueltos

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Restoring an old flow revision while connected to a published data source would result in the following error: "This revision can't be restored. Try downloading it and then open it in Tableau Prep Builder".


After upgrading from Tableau Server 2019.4.1 to 2020.4.5 MariaDB extracts would take longer than expected to refresh.


Upgrading Tableau Server 2020.2.3 would result in a failure if utilizing an expired certificate.


After publishing a viz to Tableau Server, the original English locale settings in Tableau Desktop would not be shown in the published view.


When using "manage all site" to update the settings of a site that was not logged into Tableau Server 2021.1-2021.2 an error would occur.


Running the command "tsm configuration set -k vizqlserver.jdbc.wg.connections" would result in an error.


The Hyper process CPU utilization could cross 100% after a filter was selected on a workbook with a published datasources.


Publishing a flow from a Progressive Web App with a TabPy script would result in a failure.

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