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Implementing a Modern Data Platform Powered by Tableau and AWS

How Pearson modernized their analytics platform

Processing the volume and variety of data that today’s organizations produce can be both challenging and costly – especially with a legacy data platform. Combining the analytics platform capabilities of Tableau with the scale and performance of the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you overcome these obstacles. With a cloud-based analytics platform, organizations can store, process, and analyze massive volumes of data of virtually any type.

Pearson - an education and media conglomerate - will share in detail how they built a scalable and flexible business intelligence platform on the cloud, with Tableau and AWS. Register for this upcoming webinar, where you'll learn:

  • How Pearson used Tableau and AWS to empower their users and implement analytics on a modern data warehouse
  • How a modern data analytics platform on Tableau and AWS can help you overcome scalability, cost, and analytics challenges presented by legacy data warehouses.
  • How solutions from Tableau and AWS can enhance your data analytics platform.
  • How to leveraging our market-leading integrations with Amazon S3, Redshift, Athena, as well as some tips on how to make the joint solution efficient and performant.

About the speakers


Jason Lokkesmoe

Head of Analytics, Product Management at Pearson

Jason is Head of Analytics, Product Management leading a dynamic team of Sr. Analysts & Data Scientists supporting Pearson's Personalized Learning & Analytics charter with the focus on improving Learner outcomes.


Francois Zimmermann

Technical Evangelist, EMEA

Francois Zimmermann is the Field CTO for Tableau in EMEA and owns the strategic technical relationship with our Technology Partners, System Integrators and Resellers. He also works to develop long-term peer-to-peer relationships with key customer and partner stakeholders. He is focused on developing the partner ecosystem to solve the end to end data challenges that our customers face as they build insights-driven businesses and embed analytics inside every business process.

Francois has a background in Analytics, Cloud Services, Data Integration and IoT as well as vertical solutions for Financial Services; Industrial & Manufacturing; and Health & Life Sciences.


Chris Burns

Senior AI/ML Solutions Architect

Chris is a Senior AI/ML Solutions Architect by day. A roboticist and magicverse explorer by night. As a former Mechanical Engineer and software developer, Chris spends his time working with new and emerging recombinant technologies such as AI and Spatial computing to better understand how to build solutions for the future.

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